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We let our imaginations run wild and put Bruno Mars in a situation with us that we can only imagine.
The Hooligan hangout to "escape" from all your problems in reality.
Submit your own Bruno Mars Imagines to the ask box anon or not and I will post them.
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I was going through this blog on my phone earlier today and really just got that nostalgic feeling. 2011 was like one of my best years mainly thanks to all the amazing people on here and I guess I just owed you an apology. So, I was a sophomore in high school when I started this blog and now I’m 18 and going off to college and i don’t know I felt like I needed to tie up loose ends. It’s been four months since anything’s been posted and I think the main reason I stopped updating this blog is because I just started getting into different things and what not. But, seriously, this blog literally made me smile no matter how crappy of a day I was having because I had people that cared. Now, I literally have no one and have dropped down into this pit of depression and it just sucks. And I was smiling (and cringing a little bit at my terrible story  writing on here) while scrolling through all the old stuff on this blog. I know we lost a few followers, but there’s actually still some of you still following, so I hope you see this and know that I had the time of my life on this blog and  never meant for it to just fade away like it did. 

Sue-Lynn, if you see this, I’m sorry for all the crap I put you through. You’re truly amazing and helped me so much. I think this would be your third year in college now? I hope you’re doing okay and I wish I was a better friend to you because you were always a great friend to me and I just wanted to thank you for that. I’m so glad I started this blog and met so many amazing people and especially you :)

- Brianne 

Anonymous asked: Do you think you'll ever post any more imagines? I know it's been a while, but I can't find any as good as yours haha

Oh, goodness. 
To be completely honest, I’m really not sure.
I don’t know how I will be able to pick it back up without apologizing again for like the fifth time to you guys and being able to keep it going, if it does pick back up. You know what I mean? We’ll see.

I’m a Christian art student.. so, if you guys know what I mean, I try to balance, school, socializing with friends, God time, and me time (reading, blogging). Buuuuut, we’ll see. I might ask for requests on a new image for the imagines soon since he has come out with some new pictures since my last imagine.

You’re too kind.  



Happy Bruno Mars Day! —

December 19th was deemed “Bruno Mars Day” by the state of Hawaii two years ago today to celebrate Bruno’s homecoming after leaving for so many years to persue his career as a musician. On that day he was able to perform his own songs from his debut album to a host of family and friends in Hawaii.


(Source: bruno-news)


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